About Us

Are new patients hard to come by? Do you sit in your clinic most of the time waiting for potential new clients? Do you have a hard time building a new relationship with your referral network? 

Building your clinic or your hospital’s reputation is the first way to build patrons. Marketing your practice to reach many people is the second step to help your business grow. This is the reason why we are here- to help your practice made known to the public, to reach those who need medical attention the most.  

Spring Field Universal is a healthcare marketing and consulting agency catering to medical, dental and healthcare practices. We also help build establish the brand of hospital and clinics. We can help write your own success story by taking care of all marketing stages from planning to using different platforms such as the Internet to reach more potential clients. 

For 16 years, Spring Field Universal has helped many healthcare institutions achieve their business goals.  We are based Riviera Beach, Florida but our clients are scattered across the country. We specialize in marketing medical, dental and healthcare practice through traditional campaigns as well as online solutions. We also conduct training for your staff to help make them the face of what your practice represents.