Cost of not Replacing a Missing Tooth

How do you deal with the problem of a missing tooth? For how long have you been missing your tooth? Time plays an important role in this situation. If there’s a considerable gap in between your teeth for a period of time, the remaining teeth will move in an attempt to cover the missing tooth. This can lead to the development of an unusual bite, harmless at first, but will soon take its toll. So what will a missing tooth cost you?  

It will cost you your confidence 

In this day and age of internet and social media, we love taking selfies to publish for anyone in our network to see. Can you imagine yourself smiling for pictures when you’re missing your front tooth? This setback will probably prevent you from posting too much from now on, but can you sustain this? How will you interact when you’re around friends, colleagues, or family members? Your confidence will absolutely suffer because you will always think about the time you still had that perfect smile and now, you no longer have it.  

It will cost you your favorite dishes 

If you love to eat a steak, for example, this will be a major source of frustration. You will now be forced to choose another dish you can chew and eat. We use our teeth to chew our food until they are reduced to size. Chewing also allows us to enjoy the taste of the food we eat. Missing a tooth weakens your bite and makes it awkward because you will now experience difficulties that will take some time getting used to.  

It will cost you the ability to speak normally 

Missing a tooth won’t only make you look funny, it will also make you sound funny and older. Having a complete set of teeth enables you to pronounce sounds and words more clearly and correctly. A missing tooth is a handicap for our speaking abilities. People with a complete set of teeth, no matter how old they are, sound younger and more vibrant because they sound appealing and can speak with more clarity. 

It will cost you your younger appearance 

A missing tooth or teeth will make you look older than your actual age because the skin around the missing teeth will sag and wrinkle because there is nothing underneath to support it. Another way it makes you look older it that your face won’t look full as before.   

It will speed up bone loss   

Bone mass density will decrease as a result of the lesser force now being exerted when we eat and chew our food.  

Think about the things you can no longer do as a result of simply missing a tooth. Can you bear the consequences of doing nothing for your dental health?      

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